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    Hide a WordPress Admin Menu Based on User Role

    Sometimes there may be areas of the WordPress admin area that you do not want your users to have access to. For example, you may want editors to be able to edit the content of pages but not be able to add posts. There may be a custom post type that you have added that you do not want some users to have access to. It is fairly simple to add a snippet of code to your theme’s functions.php file that will check a user’s role or capabilities and remove menu items accordingly. Remove Admin Menu based on User Role. Once you have the above information you can create an…

  • 100 Days of Code

    Projects and Progress

    It has been much more difficult than I anticipated to keep up with the #100DaysOfCode challenge, learning and doing the Free Code Camp course, working, and then trying to find the time to write about it as well. It has been impossible in fact. I admit it. Just not enough hours in the day. My github log fell by the wayside some time ago, as frustrating algorithm problems took over my life. Thank goodness I have a code mentor who has guided and helped me along the way, as there have been a couple of times where I was tempted to give up. As frustrating as it has been at…

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    How to Add a Gallery Description in FooGallery

    FooGallery is a very easy to use and feature rich gallery plugin for WordPress. It is especially useful if you want to group your galleries into albums, as this comes as standard with FooGallery, whereas it is a premium feature for many other gallery plugins. Being a user of NextGen Gallery in the past, and finding it overly complicated to use and customise, it was quite refreshing to find that FooGallery is very straight forward to use. As the documentation also claims it to be developer friendly and very extendable with over 80 hooks and actions, it would be interesting to find out how true this claim is. As I…

  • 100 Days of Code

    100 Days of Code

    I started the 100 Days of Code Challenge on 29th January 2018. The idea is to spend at least one hour a day learning to code. You can take on the challenge at any time and with any skills, so even if you are a seasoned developer you can join the challenge to learn something new. I was already working my way through Free Code Camp’s Front End Developer course and decided to take on the challenge to force myself to do some coding every day (other than work). At the same time I have to make myself accountable to the twitter followers of #100DaysOfCode by tweeting progress every day…

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    Giving something back

    To introduce myself, I am formally known as Nicola, or Nicki to my friends. I have a Masters Degree in Interactive Media, and have been building WordPress websites as a freelance web designer (cannedSunlight) for about seven years. I am now broadening my horizons by getting deeper into coding. I am working my way through the Free Code Camp Front End Developer Course and have just completed the Local Weather App project. I have also taken some of the courses in Codecademy on PHP, Jquery, SASS, and ReactJS. I am hoping to keep a record of my learning on this blog and write some production analysis articles on the projects…