100 Days of Code

100 Days of Code

I started the 100 Days of Code Challenge on 29th January 2018. The idea is to spend at least one hour a day learning to code. You can take on the challenge at any time and with any skills, so even if you are a seasoned developer you can join the challenge to learn something new.

I was already working my way through Free Code Camp’s Front End Developer course and decided to take on the challenge to force myself to do some coding every day (other than work). At the same time I have to make myself accountable to the twitter followers of #100DaysOfCode by tweeting progress every day and where we encourage and help others who are also doing the challenge.

For me, doing this challenge is a way of learning more Javascript and jQuery as I have been skirting around them for so long in favour of css and php. As Javascript is such an important language these days it is becoming more important to have knowledge in this area. So however much I might dislike Javascript (I find the syntax very vague and confusing) I am starting to use it on projects with Free Code Camp and becoming more confident with my growing skills. I still write a lot of Javascript with PHP syntax and wonder why it doesn’t work, but I’m learning that the syntax is the first thing I need to double check when there are errors!

So this is an introduction to the challenge and I recommend taking part to boost your learning. I am now on Day 17 and still managing at least an hour a day.

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